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Psychological Capital, What About Your Deposit Accounts?

Updated: May 20, 2023

In today's conditions, we should not forget to protect not only our cash accounts, but also our psychological capital accounts, friends,


We call all the resources we provide ourselves as psychological capital, such as meditations, breathing exercises, nature walks, conversations with our beloved friends, sports activities, gratitude therapies that we do in our daily life. We can say that our psychological capitals are our hidden forces that support us especially in negative situations.

Why Psychological Capital Matters

The psychological capital that we have accumulated behind and deposited in our accounts in the problems we face or in toxic relationships allows us to be more comfortable, more stress-free, and more resilience while accepting the current situation.

If we look at the situation from the neuro-psychological side, we will be able to cope with the event or situation very easily, as we strengthen the prefrontal cortex, which supports all the interventions of our emotional brain (Alarm system), negative situations and events, and all the interventions of the parasympathetic system (Braking system). We can lead a happier life and easily leave behind the effect of the negative situation or event that we have experienced.

In the researches and studies conducted on Buddhist philosophy monks for years, it has been determined that the happiness levels of Buddhist monks are equally high in their lives due to the thickness of their prefrontal cortex.

From our Psychological Capitals, our Credit Cards attract not 1, but 5 times !!!

As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, we actually deposit our psychological capital into an account, like our deposit account in a bank, and make savings. But a toxic relationship or a negative event in our life is pulling out of our account one by one, just like a credit card payment. So let's not forget to accumulate more capital.

Have your Psychological Capital Accounts overflowing 🙏🙏

Turgay Karabay

Şubat 2022


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