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"Thinking Positive? Being Positive?

In general, when we look around, some people suggest that think positively, then everything will be better. In fact, this suggestion is really valuable, but the following questions do not come to mind.

A few sample questions;

How positive should I think so that everything is positive?

When do I think more positively?

What else should I think about to think more positively?

Is it enough for me to be as happy as above the clouds?

As a matter of fact, there are many more questions related to this subject.

In fact, it's ridiculous, I thought so positively, but still nothing changes. In fact, "-No one can think as positively as me. These are the stories, you look at the truth. Don't rely too much on these things, my advice."

I even go one click further and say, "The servant lives his destiny, do not try in vain." Do you hear what they say?

By the way, since fate has passed, let's not pass without mentioning Carl Jung's word about it;

"Our subconscious thoughts appear as destiny unless they become conscious"

While the sentence conveys very, very deep meanings, I also think that it is a very precious free time to think about.

My problem is with the word "thinking and being".

Do we become everything we think?

Is thought alone enough?

In fact, when we have negative thoughts, it is enough on its own. In fact, Louise Hay has many articles on this subject. There is a huge corpus of research on which diseases negative thoughts cause, and positive sciences have now accepted this, and as a result, studies based on the Soul-Body-Mind integrity continue to be carried out at full speed.

Well, another question is "-while these negative or negative thoughts can make us sick, why aren't positive emotions permanent and don't help us right away?"

Here we are getting closer to the right point.

When we look at the physiology of negative emotions, it triggers stress in us. First, when the amygdala rings, information comes to the pituitary glands and what is the result? The famous cortisol begins to be produced. The longer we stay in that negative or negative emotion, the more cortisol continues to be secreted. When does it stop until it stops the feeling of stress.

Today, I will share in another article about "Stress" and what it causes, but we just need to know that it has been scientifically proven to cause more than 50 diseases.

Negative thoughts will continue in this way as we continue to feed them. We either do not see or cannot see the beautiful things that naturally come our way when we are in such a negative state at that moment.

So why not positive thinking? Because there is no chemical in our body that is the opposite of cortisol. There are different chemicals (serotonin, endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin etc.) but they don't work unless we make an effort.

So how do we turn positive thinking into positive?

In fact, we can achieve this not by spending money on the things we do or working like crazy, but by putting these chemicals into action with just a few correct steps.

So what are these apps?

Step 2: Let's multiply our positive thoughts and express them especially aloud in a way that the subconscious can hear. (Because the voice that the subconscious mind trusts most is its own voice.)

Step 1: Help someone. (This will do you good)

Step 2: Every evening after all our work is done, I write a notebook, what/who/events did me good in today? Let's write down the answers.

Step 2: Let's feel the same feelings again by remembering the situations that we have written that are good for us. (Close your eyes if necessary)

Step 2: By doing breathing exercises every day, try to serve that oxygen up to your cells in the most remote corner.

Step 1: Meditate. If we can't do it, meditative exercises, for example, listening to this music, especially rem sleep, by wearing a headphone, which is your favorite meditation music, especially before going to sleep at night. (For both relaxing the mind and quality sleep)

Step 2: You will see in a very short time that miracles happen more and that you transform yourself into positive at the level of being, not intellectually.

Remember; Being Positive We can ensure that well-being is sustainable by activating the whole system, not just by thinking.

When we do these practices regularly with our conscious mind for a while (it may vary from person to person 14 days or 21 days), after a while our own system (Subconscious) will automatically start to provide this situation for us without the need for positive thinking. we can live happier.

I wish you days where your life will always be positive and you can be happy with your loved ones.

You can find my article "Our Psychological Capitals" here.

Turgay Karabay



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