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Do you know how our name and date of birth affect our age?

What are our evolutions about?

The scientific report prepared according to Pythagoras' padik system, in which you will discover aspects of our own personality that we do not know, is actually your own book. Describing you and your deepest self. 

Learning about your details will open the doors to a more happy and positive  life.

PES Sistem Analizi
(Personal Enlightining Survey) Kişinin Aydınlanma Yolculuğu 

Report Content

Chapter 1 Name Analysis;Your name, your energy deficiencies and the advantages and disadvantages it gives you

Part 2 Birth Date Analysis;Your birth and the miraculous beauties it brought to you that day and the aspects you need to develop.

Chapter 3 Combination of Name and Date of Birth; What contributions do you make when your name and date of birth are combined?

Chapter 4 Family Analysis; What has come to you from your family 

Chapter 5 Energy Balance;Recognizing your energies and learning what you need

Chapter 6 Pin Code Analysis;What are the positive/negative aspects that come to you while you are still in the womb?

Chapter 7 Elements, Your Year/Age Cycles;What are your evolutions about? 

Chapter 8 Ailments: The causes of your mental disorders and the relief of attacks with affirmations

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