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Aile bireyleri kalpten bağlılık işareti

On Family and Relationships...

It is the right of every baby to be born healthy and correct.

For this reason, studies should be started from the moment the baby is conceived, not only physically and chemically, that is, only a mathematical process should be carried out, but mental studies should be carried out.



If the baby is fed in 3 ways, he can start a healthy and correct life. These ;


one.Physically    : For the continuation of vital activities

2.Ddocile : His heart must be filled with love so that he can be a compassionate individual.

3. mental: By planting the right seeds in his mind, his way of thinking, his outlook on life and especially for minimizing mental disorders in later years.

All my work with positive psychology and coaching tools on all these 'You can contact me directly from here or here.

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